quoteFrom the one point of view, parapsychology could be considered as a part of attempt of one poetic desire, which will not be fullfilled by the poetry itself – the poetic desire to cause to happen which is not possible...quote

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Voyance and divanitory arts

Fortune-teller, voyant, prophet three categories of people that transmitt the insights, the third is given by the God and it is pure and rare, the first two interwine, voyante has natural sensitivity to have expended perception of the invisible world, fortune-tellers use divanitory tools, read signs and omens, each divanitory tool is impotent in the hand of the non-medial person, for example the Death Card XIII does not represent transformation, true voyant will tell you, that had abortion or your uncle has hanged himself, the true message is indeed a transformation through realisation and only than the reading has significanse and leads towards the future, which in relativity of time is the same as the past.